Artist Musings

Crunch time! Almost there! PF3000 is almost done!

The PF3000 project is flying by. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS LEFT – yea our goal is to show this to our close friends and family september 30th. It feels like no time at all and there is so much left to do to make this project a reality.

We’re not worried though – our heads are down and we are cranking. We are doing our best work. And you know, the pressure feels kinda good in its own way.

You don’t have to take my word for it, see for yourself. Here are some shots from over the weekend. We have an inner frame which hosts the electronics and lights and then an outer frame that’s job is to lift the PF3000 off the ground. Our outer frame is also so cool that it rotates; a feature designed specifically for us to work on electronics despite all our middle aged back problems.

Those white bits you see on the surface are bits of velcro. Each of the 4″ touch leds has velcro on it as well which is how we ultimately attach all this heavy plastic to the frame. This approach has a couple added benefits:

  • It lets us reposition the pixel as needed
  • It lets us repair the pixel as needed

They’re white because that will help the color pop at night (same reason the backing is stained white). We place them by first arranging all the pixels, then one pixel at a time applying the velcro as to maintain the fundamental grid structure – this process took an artist about 20 hours.

In the next day or two we should have the lights in. I mean we are that close – drill some holes, attach some elecronics, clap our hands a couple times and voila – its gonna be done. Still, we will probably be grinding on this every day for the next two weeks – there really is a lot left to do. It’s gonna be worth it though – stick with us and you’ll find out soon enough.

See you soon and thank you for all your support.