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PF3000 Project Update 8/22/23

hey all – things are really moving quickly with the PF3000 now and we thought we’d give you all a little update / share some new images with you all. Just to give you a quick recap before we continue – the PF3000 is our 6′ by 6′ wall of touch controlled pixels where you (and a friend or two) can design and animate pixel graphics.

The project is built in distinct chunks and each chunk depends on other chunks in their own way. Check out this graphic:

PF3000 High Level Project Plan

Above is the project plan. If you follow the arrows, they tell you what must be done before moving onto the next part of the project. We start on the left with a prototype and as we learn and refine our design, we move toward the green box on the right. In some cases, we can build two parts of the project at the smae time – like in the case of the electronics and the 8×8 tile construction – these are separate enough concepts at the beginning of the project we can split them up and work on them in parallel.

Right now, here’s where we are on the chart:

  • We’re building our first 8×8 tile frame. This is a structure that holds 8×8 of our touch sensitive pixels
  • We’re starting with the touch interfaces – this involves a lot of copper tape and indium tin oxide.

Once we get past these steps, we’ll work towards a fully functional 8×8 with touch capability. Once we have that, we’ll build four of them and scale up to the full 16×16. This is when we’ll add special animation workflow controls.

It seems like a lot, but this is the hard part. We will probably be to our working 8×8 within 2 weeks, perhaps even this weekend. Anyways – that’s it for now. Thank you for your support and check out some new images from our work in progress PF3000.