Create &/^ Cowork in a Unique Industrial Setting

News: Filma Collective has moved to Berkeley, CA

Filma Collective is a maker and coworking cooperative-ish space built specifically to suit the needs of the creatives, nerds, and creative nerds. Be you a painter or a video game programmer, you will find the space and community at Filma Collective a fun and productive alternative for your work environment. The studio at Filma Collective is great for working, honing your craft, and connecting with people with shared interests to collaborate on creative projects. Join us and participate in a community as passionate and fun as you are.


Use the shared shop and art your face off. Express yourself, invent something amazing, or just make cool shit cause you wanna.


Work remotely the most inspiring non-office there ever was. We call it ‘industrial-chic’.


Connect and collaborate with passionate humans and non-humans alike. We all bring something amazing to the table, you included.

or Txt/Call – 510-213-8431

Become a Member Today! >^-^<

For Creatives
  • Shared shop & tools
  • Participate in bay area art events with the Filma Art Collective
  • Personal storage space for your active project
  • Big windows with amazing light
  • Quiet art hours: 6am to 5pm
  • Loud art hours: 5pm to midnight, weekends
For Professionals
  • Telecommute & Hotdesk 6am to 6pm, Mon-Fri
  • Work outside the office or home when you want to.
  • Different desks for different kinds of projects
  • Fast Fiber internet
  • Chill, creative, & professional environment
  • Break area for chilling and meals
  • Be yourself at “work” and connect with other interesting individuals.

Sliding Scale: $70-150/mo

Private Rentals
  • 2 Private rentals available sometimes
  • 24/7 access to your own space
  • Basic Utilities included
  • Studios discounted for artists and creative professionals
  • Full Access to shared shop