Filma is an East Bay maker community and coworking space founded in late 2017 and later opened an East Bay maker space in 2019. When we originally came together, we were all artists in our own right looking for something more from our creative process; not only did we want to improve our own skills, disparate as they may be, we also wanted to do something bigger than ourselves. So what did we do? We banded together and set out to put on an art show like no other, and we were successful in that endeavor.

We quickly realized we had created something uniquely awesome and decided to continue, together, as a collective of creatives. Fast forward to 2019 and we now operate a private makerspace located in Richmond, CA. We continue to create art and events all the while growing our young creative community. What’s next for us? We have no idea, and that’s kind of the point.


Our mission is to exist within a thriving creative community that empowers everyone who participates. Our reward for operating and maintaining this community is that we, as artists, have a deeper creative experience. And, as we do this, we individually choose to never lose our independence within our artistic collective consciousness.

Core Artistic Principles

We love art. We love creating. When we create, we came up with these four principles that guide us and what we do…

Consent – Do you love consent? We sure do! Not only are we excited about consensual interactions between humans, we want consensual interactions with art. Making an active and informed decision to do something is an important aspect of the human experience, we hope to reinforce this with everything we make.

Discovery – We’re constantly delighted when we figure something out, aren’t you? When it comes to art, we don’t like to make everything obvious. Instead we want our creations to inspire exploration beckoning you to become your best self. Plus, we absolutely love watching this process in action.

Immersion – The ability to embed oneself in a fantastic experience is a deep pleasure in life. When we create art, we want you to be the final component of a deep, enriching, experience.

Interaction – While we love stationary art, we most certainly do, interactivity provides a unique relationship with any creation. Furthermore, interaction creates a dynamic experience that changes based on the person experiencing the art. Our art responds to you, just as much as you respond to our art.