Artist Musings

Meet the Team Behind the PF3000

Folks – we are days away from being done. And much like seeing your favorite rock band at Red Rocks, we want to introduce the gang right before the last song. The PF3000 – Large Format Sprite designer was quite the group effort featuring some of the bay areas more skilled and passionate artists; let’s get to know them shall we.

From left to right in the picture at the top:

  • William Burdette – Structural Engineering, Frame Design & Construction
  • Sai Sanigepalli – Electronics Construction & Anim Podium Paint
  • Carl Cosmos – Concept Artist, Interaction Design, Materials Research, Electronics Construction, Frame Paint
  • Robert Graf – Concept Artist, Electronics & Touch Interface Design, Prototyping, Electronics & Software Implementation
  • Shawn Silverman – Teensy Ethernet Stack, Controls Implementation, Electronics & LEDs Consultation

Creating the PF3000 has been a huge effort from a team with deep and diverse skills. A huge thanks to everyone on the team for working so hard to surprise and delight the patrons of Autumn Lights 2023 in Oakland, CA.

You don’t have to take my word for it… but you will have to wait a couple more days to see for yourself.

Stay tuned – we will upload some new videos very soon.