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Wormhole accepted at Unscruz 2020

What up community! :: takes a sip of coffee :: We’ve got some fan-fucking-tastic news to share with you all. Our epic and awesome transformative sound-reactive LED tunnel The Wormhole has been accepted to Santa Cruz’s regional Burning Man event Unscruz!! And, to make things just a bit more exciting… we’ve been awarded an art grant to make some enhancements in efforts to further blow your minds 🙂

The original 1200 LED version of The Wormhole from Amongst the Vines

And what will we do with this art grant? We’re going to deliver the most impressive installation of The Wormhole yet. Filma featured artist Robert Graf will be re-engineering our custom wormhole software to drive 400 additional LEDs while reducing the overall auditory response time. This is a 30% overall increase in light density which will be a total of 1600 LEDs for the Unscruz event. With this many lights in place, The Wormhole is going to be a beacon, drawing in dreamers and lovers alike. How cool is this!?!?

We’re now well on our way to our ultimate goal of 2400 LEDs in The Wormhole, little by little we’re working our way there. Yes, we have lofty goals, but our imagination knows no bounds – we are artists after all. If you want to know more about the our aspirations, or how you can help, just check out checkout The Wormhole right here on our site. We’re accepting PayPal donations right now too, so if you’d like to see us go EVEN BIGGER at Unscruz, check that link out and donate to the project.

We can’t begin to tell you how excited we all are to take part in this fantastic event with all the fantastic people who come together to make it happen. Come to Unscruz and see our latest revision of The Wormhole, or better yet, come spend time with us at the digital burn barrel at Camp FILMA.