Tuesday Update – Covid19, Artist Show n’ Tell

What’s up Filmanerds?

okay maybe not. 🙂 How are you? It’s Tuesday again, are you ready for the latest?

Artist Show n’ Tell on May 30th!

Hey, a bunch of us are going to get together online this saturday and show off our latest work. You’re welcome to join us, check out the art and ask questions. Each artist gets five minutes. For details, just click here:
We have like 8 or 9 artists showing, it’s gonna be fun and connecty

Covid-19 Filma Operational Status

Hey – it’s been a while since we talked about reality. Covid-19 is still a thing and there are significant restrictions put in place on all businesses. Now that the state and counties understand their plans, while we may not be able to communicate dates we can tell you a little bit about what re-opening looks like for us.

California is in ‘phase 2’ and announced recently that non-essential businesses can now have customers inside the stores. However, if a county or city chooses to do so, they may imply tighter restrictions, which is the case for our County, Contra Costa. Contra Costa county, while in phase 2 hasn’t made it to non-essential businesses.

If you haven’t read the state and county literature, here’s what the phases mean (as much as I can remember):

  • Phase2 – manfacturing and construction started it up, then it moves into retail, with non-essential stores eventually allowing people inside.
  • Phase3 – This is ‘personal care’ among others. Gyms, hair salons, and a bunch of stuff like that.
  • Phase 4 – Rock concerts and fun things with lots of people in tight spaces

We’ll probably be into phase 3 sometime this summer, that’s everyone’s best bet. Things are looking well in Contra Costa county as well, so hopefully we’ll have good news soon about moving even more into the direction of phase 3. That said, what does all this mean for Filma?

We don’t quite fit in neatly to any of California’s defined business categories. We’re part manufacturing, we’re part small office, we’re part social engagement. I mean, we could probably argue that we’re a necessity as much as we could argue we’re personal care. You kind of have to look at all the definitions, and figuring out which elements of your business can resume and how, relative to what is defined.

As for phase 2 the rental spaces are open and available. These are private and we can provide an experience in line with state and county guidelines.

Really though, we won’t be able to get up to too much until phase 3. Of course, it remains to be seen what phase 3 specifically entails, but state and local organizations are expecting social ‘class’ type events to occur by summer with 15 or fewer people. I think it’s reasonable to expect that’s where we’ll be in a couple months. Wait and see though.

So that’s it for us, if you are interested in the art studios, please spread the word.

Until next Tuesday friends…