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Tuesday Dome Update – May 5th 2020

Hello earthlings, how are you today? Welcome to yet-another-pandemic-edition of… The Filma Blog. We’re still here plugging away making stuff watching you all from the window of our phones and computer screens. Are you all doing well? We certainly hope so. We’re doing alright too and are very much looking toward phase 2 when we can all get a little extra breathing room.

What will phase 2 mean for Filma? Well since we don’t know what restrictions will be in place that’s difficult to say, though, from Gavin Newsom’s various conferences, we speculate that we’ll at least be able to open up our long term rentals to artists since there are so few of us and social distancing is beyond easy to do in here. Alas, we don’t know yet, so stay tuned.

Now what we do know will happen as we move toward phase two is that outdoor businesses are allow to operate. While we don’t really operate outdoors very often, there is an interesting group mural opportunity that one of our members is planning for right now. Likely we’ll at least get to paint a giant wall (while standing 6 feet apart). More on this one as it develops.

Life in the dome has become somewhat regular for us. We have morning, afternoon and evening routines now. We have little favorite walking spots and have our local eateries we like to support through COVID-19. We do our work, and we do our art. One thing that’s changed is it seems we’re doing more and more streaming from here… so maybe you’ll get more of that as we figure out our long term.

Anyways, I think this update will be brief but next week we’ll (likely) unveil our new logo. See you next week!