Filma’s Wormhole wins Niantic Innovation Award at 2021 Oakland AutumnLights Festival

Well folks, we have some exciting news to share: Filma’s Wormhole won the Niantic Innovation award at this year’s Autumn Lights Festival! Yep, we now have a loose affiliation with Pokemon Go. We’re so very excited to have be recognized by a pioneer of AR and immersion experiences. As you can imagine, we love exploring the way the human condition can experience reality and to be recognized by an organization that deeply understands that is an honor, truly.

That said, this honor doesn’t even come close to how wonderful it was to watch the community come together to explore and discover the Wormhole. Converting all kinds of sounds, interactions, and voices into rainbow light, the night was just full of community and family togetherness, healing, and growing. That’s why we do art, though, it’s kind of nice to win an award too 😉

To Niantic, to the Communtiy, to Autumn Lights, and to Everyone that participate with us – our sincerest gratitude.

Holy moly – we won’t the innovation award!

Getting to Autumn Light this year was a tremendous effort from Filma’s Wormhole Team (Elliot, Robert, Bill, Carl) as this wasn’t just our first Autumn Lights ever, it was also the debut of a lot of enhancements that we’ve been working on the last couple years. In particular, Robert Graf worked tirelessly re-doing the microcontroller for the lights, electrical routing, and even built external voltage controls so we can adjust the Wormhole to suit the environment even more. Special thanks to Robert for working literally every single night the last few weeks, and on the weekends, to make this show extra super special for the attendees

One other shout out we’d like to give is to Elliot for taking the lead on our booth for the show. It was super fun to be at the booth and meet all of you last week (thursday, friday, and saturday… that’s a lot of days!). Big thank you to Elliot for taking that on.

And with that we are a bit tired and feeling warm on the inside. We’re definitely talking about what we might be able to do differently next year and look forward to submitting our unique perspective on art to next years festival. We definitely have some exciting ideas that we think will bring people together in new ways.

Cheers everyone, thanks again and we will see you soon.

Some of the Wormhole artists from left to right, Robert Graf, Carl Cosmos, Elliot Peeples.