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Filma Tuesday – Updates From The Dome 4/14/20

What up porch dwellers! It’s Tuesday again, and while we’re not doing exciting installations at large public gatherings, we’re still cruising along with daily dome life. For today’s Tuesday update we thought we’d share a little bit about life in the dome, with some pictures, of course.

For the lockdown, we are of course closed – no one visits us, no events, no nothing… ever. However three of us have fairly private art studios and spend every day together anyways so we’ve been working remotely from our respective corners of the dome. Maybe we see each other when we go to get coffee (yes we have coffee here), so it’s not like normal filma. More like, Filma is the shelter that allows us to keep our sanity when our other options might be detrimental to our health.

Graf works from inside his light tunnel – his boundaries are very clear, especially at night.
Before the pandemic we were preparing for a big video project to help with suicide awareness. The video equipment is still ready to go, waiting for it’s opportunity to change the world.
Video conferencing is all the rage in my music studio.

And so we come here to work, and we usually stick around to work on art. Being here actually is what allows me to keep my job as I keep all my ergonomic equipment here (for music making, normally), I suppose art has all kinds of benefits you wouldn’t expect.

Break time can include a puzzle which is surprisingly relaxin
We also have our little Filma garden. Graf and Elliot take care of it mostly. It’s our little window to zen.
Cafe Filma in the mornings. It’s extremely quiet and serene; perfect for writing blogposts.
Cafe Filma never closes.

As for what’s going on with Filma… well… we’re talking about things but there’s just not a lot we can do right now. Okay, that’s not true, we’ve just shifted our priorities to the present moment. I.e.:

We fixed the white board to reflect what we should be focusing on right now.

And art is happening here, after work. Lots of it. Elliot streams from their studio and I’ve been producing a record. Oh, and Graf…

In addition to working on the wormhole and HAM Radio, Graf’s been learning embroidery. Graf’s also been learning how to use embroidery as a means to communicate with our remote family.

And yea, those are all the pictures we have for you. The Filmadome has been a nice shelter for us during the pandemic. While we don’t have much, it seems we have everything we need. It’s comfortable here, it is.

So yea, that’s life in the dome these days. I think that’s it for the Filma Tuesday update. Take care of yourself, this ride’s not over.