Filma Collective Autumn Lights 2022

Well shoot – it’s our great pleasure to announce that we will be back at Autumn Lights Festival at Lake Merrit this year. Yep, for the fantastic 2022 season we’ve been accepted with not one but two big art pieces. Our award winning Wormhole will make a return and we will be featuring a new art piece called The Garden of Intent.

Wormhole is a 20 foot long audio reactive tunnel. It takes sounds that come from all of you and converts those sounds into rainbow light. We were just in shock when Wormhole won last year’s award from Niantic. They said during the awards, and i’m paraphrasing here, “We were just delighted watching everyone experiment with the art, singing, clapping and shouting”. Well, maybe not quite that, but that sounds about right.

Our new art piece is just as nerdy at Wormhole and we’re so very excited to share it with you. The Garden of Intent is a reality shaped by the emotions of those who perceive it. Imagine if you truly manifested your own reality – The Garden of Intent aims to do just that albeit on a smaller scale. Using a special blend of machine learning and projection mapping The Garden of Intent draws emotions from human speech. Based on the emotions drawn, the Garden will change, reflecting people’s emotions as an ever evolving plant.

The show’s in I think 3 weeks – hopefully we’ll see you there. Look out for most posts about The Garden of Intent where we’ll break down some of the tech behind the art.