Fall Membership Drive 2022: Join Filma Collective Now!

Looking for a place where you can create the next best thingI? Are you teeming with ideas, you just need the space with which to realize your vision? Do you want to make stuff because you like making stuff around other people who make stuff for the same reasons you do?

If you answered yes to any of these questions FIlma Collective might be the place for you. We’re a conglomerate of artists and engineers all working creatively as best as as often as we can. Filma Collective is a hub where these souls congregate to create.

It’s our Fall membership drive – the best opportunity to join Filma Collective and dive into your passions.

We’re looking for individuals who:

  • Have projects in mind they want to pursue at Filma Collective
  • Understand the value and joy of community
  • A deep desire to understand and actively participate in ideas like inclusion and consent

That’s almost all of you, we’re sure of it.

So yea, hit us up, we’d love to meet you and see about sharing a creative space.