Filma has moved to Berkeley’s Gilman District! Read more: FILMA IS MOVING TO BERKELEY

Coworking at Filma is as unique as it gets. From within our industrial-creative sanctuary folks can hotdesk and telecommute. You’ll never have to go into a real office ever again. As an added perk, all coworking memberships have full access to the makerspace – you can take on all those projects that just don’t fit in your apartment’s kitchen.

Coworking at Filma Collective is a very different experience:

  • Mixed working environment – creatives and hotdeskers working together in the same space.
  • Access the makerspace on nights and weekends – everyone has a creative side, you included.
  • Inspired and driven community – Everyone here does something cool; true story.
  • Not an office. This is on purpose. We know you don’t want to go back to the office either.
  • Inclusion mindset – everyone gets a voice, everyone is seen. We get pronouns right, respect your background, and listen when you have something to say.
  • Consent mindset – Everyone makes sure consent is part of the conversation every day.
  • Community mindset – Filma Collective works because Filma is a collective. Everyone is part of the crew.

or Txt/Call 510-213-8431

Coworking Features

  • High-quality rolling chairs
  • Plenty of Hotdesks – We have varied desk sizes too for whatever project is on your plate.
  • Break area w/ fridge, microwave, kettle
  • Big cushy chair
  • Big windows
  • Good Local food nearby at places like Trumer and Picante

Sliding Scale Shared Work Area: $70-$150/month

Personal Desk: $200/month

Write some GLSL here, we like that kind of stuff.
  • Do you have a printer, scanner, or fax?

    Yes to all 3! It’s pay as you go model intended only to cover your materials (paper, ink). It works on the honor system – you print something, you pitch in for printer supplies.


  • How fast is your internet?

    Comcast Business internet: 300mbps down, 30mbps up

  • Can I Zoom and video conferences?

    Absolutely. We use zoom all the time from here and it works great. We recommend a head set for privacy.

  • Can a coworking member use the shop?

    Yes! Coworking members can totally build stuff here too – this is highly encouraged even.

  • What's the deal with personal desks?

    Personal desks are great for folks who need to have a regular ergonomic setup ready to go or who have long running items that need to be setup for prolonged periods of time.  They’re also great for artists who’d like to ‘dig in’ a little more and speed up their workflow.

    Filma Collective has limited space for personal desk rentals.  Personal desks are $200/mo with no upfront despoit or long term commitment (min commitment is 1 month, non-refundable).  Filma can provide desks however we also allow individual to provide their own desks (and chairs) up to around 48″x24″.  Personal desk renters may use 100% of the shared workspaces when they are available and enjoy the same perks as everyone else.