Artist Musings

2023 Project Announcement: PF3000 – Large Format Pixel Designer

We’re so very excited today to announce we’ve been working on a new interactive light project. Filma Collective’s PF3000 is a 6′ tall, 6′ wide, large display with 3.7″ touch controlled pixel. You touch a pixel to change the color. Upon a 16×16 grid, you can realize your 8-bit designs. Then, with a the press of a button, you can then advance frames allowing anyone to create their own 8-bit animations.

Our 4×4 prototype for the PF3000. We will be touring this around a few art events this spring. Come check it out!!!

In addition to 256 touch controlled pixels the PF3000 will include some other cool retro features:

  • 5.25″ Floppy disk save/load feature – save your game, just like in the old days
  • Pixel paint – by dragging your hand you can ‘paint’ multiple pixels in a single stroke
  • A single button copy/draw animation workflow that enables anyone to design video games

pixel from the pf3000

Autumn Lights Goal & PF3000 Spring/Summer 2023 Fundraiser

We will be entering the PF3000 into the 2023 Lake Merritt Autumn Lights Festival in Oakland. Our intention if the PF3000 is accepted is to debut the PF3000 at that festival to thousands of our community members in fantastic botanical installation,

In order to complete the piece this year, we are doing a spring 2023 fund raiser. A local non-profit from Alameda, CA, has generously offered to fiscally sponsor the PF3000 in order to help us get make it in time for the Autumn Lights show. This is a fantastic opportunity for us and we are ecstatic to get to work with on the PF3000.

We will have our PF3000 prototype with full interactivity for show at several bay area art shows:

These are all ages, family friendly events – we hope to see you there and show you the technology behind the PF3000.