Pixeltopia – Art & Music From the Future

  • Title: Pixeltopia: Art and Music from the Future.
  • Age: All ages
  • When: Sat, June 17th. Show @7pm
  • Where: Studio 23 & 3 Dot & The Red Door : 2309 Encinal Ave. Alameda, Ca 94501
  • Live Synthesizer Music 7pm to 10pm
  • Several outdoor light-based art installations, many of which are interactive. Control colors with sound and touch.
  • Cost: Free – enjoy the evening with your family and explore creativity from the FUTURE.

Pixeltopia – art & music from the future is an evening art show that aims to bring sounds and visuals from outer-space. Featuring some of the Bay Area’s premier LED, Neon, Projection, and other “blinky light” artists. The evening also features live synthesizer music performed on spaceships. This art show is an ArtPush sponsored fundraiser for Filma Collective’s PF3000 – an interactive wall of light you control with touch.

Art Installations

Wormhole – Filma Collective

Wormhole is a rainbow tunnel full of 1800 sound reactive LEDs. Enter the tunnel and control rainbow sonic hyper space with your voice, an instrument, or however else you feel like making sounds.

PF3000: Prototype Alpha_003 – Filma Collective

The PF3000 is the project we’re working on this year. We’re really excited about it and are bringing our prototype with us. While the final piece will feature 256 touch-interactive pixels our prototype will only have 16. Come check out the fully functional prototype and let us know what you think!

Let’s Connect –  Yvonne Schindler

A fantastic take on an old favorite.

Dada Pixel Art – Dada Pixel Art

Dada Pixel Art is an interactive art experience.
Hand made digitalization.
Combines the challenge of a puzzle, with the pleasure of artistic expression. 
Dada Pixel Art was created to reconnect and unlock the playful creative energies that dwell within each human being.

Trash Fire – Filma Collective

It’s an LED trash fire. What else can we say?

Lots of Neon by Robert Graf

Robert will be bringing several of his hand made Neon-light based sculptures seen above.

Robert sees neon as a medium that provokes expression, fascination, and questions about life, science, technology, and the nature of the universe. Most people tend to experience neon in passive ways as passersby looking through glass windows at hanging neon signs and other exterior signs and marquees of businesses. His work seeks active and interactive personal experience with neon that draws attention and excites curiosity. He finds beauty in the glass itself, the excited noble gasses in the plasma state, the wondrous illuminated phosphors, and the structures and environment surrounding it. Robert finds enjoyment in the craft of making the work and those people who discover and participate with it.

Emmitt Rewolf – Shawn Silverman

Emmit Rewolf is an exploration of light, flowers, and time. An original piece made just for Pixeltopia.

Some of Shawn’s other works:

Shawn Silverman is a local LED artist and educator. He enjoys integrating software, hardware, and protocols to enable interactive art. His projects often include the mathematics of waves and fluids.

Wearable LED Art – Divad Dee Vice

Sound reactive LEDs you can wear from local artist Divad Dee Vice — ddv.com

Live Synthesizer Performances


vt100’s youtube channel

vt100 basically performs music on a spaceship (the spaceship they rode in on). 100% live, real-time synthesized sounds that can only come from outer space. Dawless; No computers in this rig. Yea, it’s a shitload of buttons. Visuals also by vt100, who apparently vjs now.

All that’s Gone

This live performance will be dance-floor focused; deep, hypnotic, meditative locked grooves, elliptical narratives and a bumpin’ pulse. 
Analog sounds are mechanically generated, layered, then coaxed into the uncanny valley where you’ll hear the voices telling you to dance. But are they human?

KyokaVoices From The Lake
Monument (Record Label)
Deep Space Helsinki (Podcast)

past performances hosted by
Resonant Frequencies/F8/Underground SF/IDP/FNF/5lowershop

Station Point


A station point in illustration is the point where sight lines converge; the position of the viewer. Exploring the faded geometries of dub techno, dancefloor progressive, and live modular improvisation, Station Point is producer Jade Northrup’s outlet for deeper sounds that focus on hopefully creating memorable experiences for the listener.

After a string of solo releases on the producer’s Bandcamp page, Station Point dropped a pair of remixes for label Harmonious Discord, including the upcoming Side Quests remix for long-time production collaborator Patchen, and a deep techno cut for Murr.