What are consent hours? How are they different from Quiet Hours?

Consent is all about asking the people in the community before you do something that impacts them. Because we’re a coworking space by day, we observe consent hours every weekday.

Consent hours are simple: If you want to use a loud ass tool or get crazy with chemicals, talk to folks who are working. It’s really hard to talk to your boss over zoom when someone is drenching the makerspace in paint thinner. After 6pm we’re all done talking to our bosses – go crazy with the chop saw.

Why not just call them ‘quiet hours’ or something normal? Because CONSENT IS COOL and ‘quiet hours’ are way too restrictive. What if no one is telecommuting that day? What if the person telecommuting doesn’t care if you play with Nancy, the table saw?

It’s easy – if it’s consent hours and you wanna do something that’s going to impact the community – ASK FIRST (and be prepared to be told no too).