Filma Alley Makers – April 28th, 2024

hey friends – we’re doing a thing!

Title: FILMA Alley Makers – mini-makerfaire located WITHIN the 2024 Gilman Street fair.

What: We’re going to have tables with folks making stuff, selling stuff, interactive art, and even schwag you can make yourself

When: April 28th, 2024 — 11a to 4pm (same hours as the fair)

Where: 801 Camelia St in berkeley. We will be transforming our alley into a makerfaire!

Who: Filma collective and other local artists will be making, sewing, soldering, among other activities. Come learn about some cool crafts or just get a free sticker.

Free stickers: Did I mention we will have some free stickers?

See you Sunday April 28th, 11a to 4p for the first every FAM: Filma Alley makers